Yearbook Design Guide

Designing, proofing, printing, and distributing a yearbook is a lot of work. Here at PrestoYearbooks, we hope to make some of these steps less complex as well as provide reliable cost and shipping estimates ahead of time.

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Yearbook Size & Material Options

Before starting any kind of design or content work, make sure that the dimensions and the material the book is to be created with are finalized. This will make the proofing and printing process much easier throughout the creation of the book.

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Gather Content

Much of the work for a yearbook lies in gathering and creating content. Documenting all students, staff, and team members within your organization is something you should prioritize before spending too many resources on design. Design and theme can be built concurrently with content gathering to make the most of your limited production time.

Design Tools

"We shape our tools, thereafter our tools shape us." - Marshall Mcluhan

Choosing design software for you project is often times as simple as using what you have access too as well as what you already know about. In our templates below, we offer Microsoft Word, Pages, and inDesign files as these are the three most common software used in print layout design. It is worth checking out other solutions if you have yet to start your project however.

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Templates & Page Layout

PrestoYearbooks offers many starter templates for Pages, Microsoft Word, and InDesign. If you do not want to build a yearbook layout from scratch, check out our templates below to get started quickly.

Cost & Shippng

Managing cost while not losing the product you actually want can be a tough balance. At PrestoYearbooks we pride ourselves on having accurate and reliable pricing and shipping estimates. Check out our Product Catalogue to quickly calculate cost based on page count, size, and binding. We also provide proofs to be sent for larger bulk orders before fulfilling the entire batch.

  • Reliable Cost and Shipping Estimates
  • Quick Turn Around after Order is Accepted
  • Approval of Proof Copies for Bulk Orders
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