PDF Wizard

On the first step for the PDF Wizard, you will set the following: Book Title, Interior Book Color, Front and Back Cover. Most importantly, here is the section where you upload your PDF.

Book Title:
Pretty self explanatory - Here you can give your book a title.

Interior Book Color:
Full color if you have images and Monochrome if you are creating a text based book. Monochrome print is not suitable for images.

Uploading your PDF:
You can browse your computer to capture the file and upload it or you can FTP your PDF to us. If you plan to FTP your file, send a note to support@prestoyearbooks.com so we can set up your account for FTP access.

Front Cover:
You can use the first page of your PDF or upload a separate front cover file.

Back Cover:
You can elect to forfeit a back cover, use the second or last page of your PDF, or upload a separate back cover file.

Click the Upload PDF button when you are ready for the Product Builder to build your book. Please allow the Product Builder to process. You will see the Please Wait button in light green until the process completes. When the process completes, you are taken to Step 2 Cover Options section.

Upload a complete PDF