General Uploading Help

Image Storage

What are your storage options?

We offer three storage Options. The first is free and includes 200 megs of storage. We also have two upgrade packages "Presto Yearbooks Supporter" is $25.00/year for an additional 300megs of storage and "Premier Supporter" is $75.00/year for a total of 2 Gigabytes of storage. Both are very reasonable in terms of storage space for images :).

To upgrade simply click the "Shop" tab and select the "Presto Yearbooks Supporter" link to increase from 200 Megs to 500MB or select the "Premier Supporter link to upgrade to 2 GB(2000 MB) of photo storage. Just select the membership level you prefer and complete the purchase process.

I prefer my own logo on the back of my books what can I do?

Participate in our Professional Membership. We want to partner with you, and our Professional Membership was designed for our creators who want to promote their own business. With the Professional Membership, among other features, the Presto Yearbooks logo is removed from the back cover. The annual membership is only $149 which is a heck of a deal (:smile:). When you add the pro membership to your cart and check out, your account is instantly updated at the end of checkout.

Uploading Tips

I can't upload any additional pictures. What's wrong?

Your account is probably at it's storage limit. If you click the "my account" link (upper right of the screen) then click the "my quota and usage" link (left column on that screen) you will see what percentage of storage you have used. If you would like to increase your storage capacity please see the process under "What are your storage options?"

I've experienced uploading problems what should I do?

There are a few things to check ...

Be sure cookies are enabled for your browser's security settings, check that popup blockers are disabled, clear your browser's "cache", or try a different browser.

Check that firewalls and anti virus programs are not interfering with the site. A common observation is that Norton AV can block popups and prevent the site from operating properly. You may want to temporarily turn off firewalls and anti virus programs or set them to permit interactions with

How do I upload to the FTP server?

You can use our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to upload large files (> 200MB), and upload large batches of files. The process is quite simple: just login, go to the myphotos tab, select the upload images link and you'll see the FTP Uploads tab. There is a view help link on that tab that gives you all the instructions you need in order to upload your images via FTP.

We recently modified our ftp so that it is completely user centric. All site support accounts are updated to include FTP upload capability. If you are not a site supporter, just send a note to stating you would like to use the FTP upload process and we will modify your account. You will then be able to ftp your files from the ftp upload link located on your myphotos tab. A good and free ftp client for Windows is SmartFTP. You could also try CuteFTP. FileZilla is another application you may try.

Be sure to upload only non-password protected documents. The printer cannot access password protected files and will not be able to print your content if you have a password on the file.

Please note that uploading large files may take several minutes, depending on your internet connection speed.

NOTE: We do not recommend using a web browser to connect to your FTP upload directory as it may cause authentication failures.

My upload time seems to be very long, why?

Typically, for a cable / DSL connection it takes about 5 minutes for every 10 megs you are uploading.

I am not able to upload an image larger than 200k. I've used three different browsers, with no better results. Is it impossible to upload large files with a slow dialup connection?

Many times this situation occurs because your browser is set to accept cookies "only from sites you navigate to." You need to switch to "accept cookies always"

Here are ways to change security settings and enable cookies.

Internet Explorer - click Internet Options on the Tools menu. On the Privacy tab, use the Settings slider to change the level of privacy your browser allows.

Mozilla Firefox - click Options on the Tools menu. Click the Privacy icon on the left of the options window. Click Cookies on the Privacy menu to change your browser's settings. More security settings can be modified by clicking the Advanced icon on the left of the options window and scrolling down to the Security settings.

Mozilla - click Preferences on the Edit menu. Click Privacy & Security on the left of the Preferences window.

Netscape - click Preferences on the Edit menu. Click Privacy & Security on the left of the Preferences window.

Safari - click Preferences on the Safari menu. Click the Security icon at the top of the window.

What is the cache?

A browser's cache is the temporary web files that the system stores on your hard drive to speed up the download of any web pages you visit frequently. Cache assumes nothing much will have changed on a web page from day to day, so there's no reason to download the exact same content from the web each time.

If I delete my cookies do I also clear my browser's cache?

The cache is supposed to update when it detects something has changed, but if the change is very minor, it may not pick up on it.

This Firefox extension will clean your Firefox browser and make it look new.

You can delete cookies, cache, etc. and you can even select which cookies or data you want to keep or erase). It's the "web developer toolbar" (download from

To validate the time/date on your computer

  • Windows - double-click the clock in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Mac - click the clock in the upper right corner of your screen and select Open Time & Date from the drop-down menu.

Why did I receive a java script error when using internet explorer?

If you receive an Internet Explorer error that displays a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark it may communicate something like "invalid property value" in the details - for line 64, character 3...." then you probably are using an older version of Internet Explorer. You should upgrade your internet explorer or you could get the mozilla firefox browser at http// It is free and we have not received any comments regarding uploading trouble when members use the Firefox browser.