Ordering Yearbooks

Bulk Ordering

Discounts are automatically applied as seen in the chart below for bulk ordering made easy.

Stack of Yearbooks

Save big with Bulk Orders. Discounts start at just 5 copies!

Quantity Discount
5-9 5%
10-99 10%
100-499 15%
500+ Contact Us

Turn Around Time

Bulk orders for Hardcover books is 5-10 Business days, while Softcover is 4-7.


Approving a Proof

We will send you a single copy from the bulk order to proof before fulfilling the remainder.

Manufacturing Precedes Shipping

Manufacturing estimates are quoted for orders of 25 books or less. More than 25 books can add additional days to the the estimate - depending on the amount of books in the order and the current print volume at that time. If your order is of an eligible product, and is of 25 books or less, then the order is eligible for expediting the manufacturing time. Review our Shipping Options and Delivery Times page for more information..

If a proof is waved we will not be able to print re-orders due to PDF quality concerns. Please see PDF Specs to ensure your book is print ready.

Self-Serve Ordering

Allow your Yearbook to be purchased "as-needed" so each parent or student can choose how many books to order and where to ship them on a per-order basis. All shipping and transaction info is handled by us, just sit back and recieve comission per order!

Self Publish Print Books

Easily Shared

Send out a URL to all your customers for on-demand ordering.


Password Protected

Add a layer of privacy with a password protected book sale page.


Hassle-Free Replacement

With on-demand self-serve customers can come back later and re-order at any time.


Get Comission

Make comission on every order once your book is published and up for sale.

How to Setup a Book for Self Serve Ordering

Selling Products

You will need to make your Presto Yearbooks account public in order to share books to others for sale.

Learn How

Security Options

Password protect the page users can purchase your book on to ensure total privacy and security of your yearbook design.

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