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Yearbooks are a lasting tribute to friends made, adventures shared, and lessons learned. Creating a professional, sophisticated yearbook is now easy and affordable. Order just one copy, thousands or anything in between.

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A yearbook is a lasting tribute to friends made, adventures shared, and lessons learned. But a professional, sophisticated yearbook doesn't need to cost a fortune. Presto Yearbooks offers affordable options for yearbooks, and makes creating memories a snap.

At the Head of the Class

Presto Yearbooks will make sure your book is built to last. Your yearbook will be printed on high-quality acid-free paper by advanced high-resolution digital presses. (For pictures that seem to jump off the page with all the energy of a kindergartener after snack break, be sure to choose our gorgeous photo silk paper.)

Multiple Choice

You can pick between a variety of binding options, including softcover, two hardcover options, and a wire-o binding. Our perfect-bound softcover books feature bright full-color covers and full-bleed images on every page. Our glossy case-bound hardcover books allow you to wrap an image around the cover. Or for a classic look, choose our 11" x 8.5" Die Cut Hardcover, which features a cut-out cover that reveals a photo beneath. Our books are available in a variety of sizes, from a tiny 3.75" x 2.5" to a generous 14" x 11". Yearbook Catalog.

Easy as A, B, C

You won't need to pass a computer programming class to make a professional book. Simply register for a free account to begin creating your photo gallery. Then use our Book Designer to lay out your yearbook. Add the finished book to your shopping cart, and you're done. Or create your layout using your desktop publishing program, and upload your finished file to Presto Yearbooks. Account, Book Designer, Cart: It doesn't get much easier than that.

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Yearbooks don't have to be pricey. By making yours on Presto Yearbooks, you can save money while ensuring that you get the professional results you need. Books start at $4.99 plus $.25 per page, and bulk discounts are automatically added to applicable orders. You don't need a diploma to recognize the best deal on the market.