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Create professional yearbooks that can be ordered on-demand by parents and students alike. Yearbook design is made easy with templates formatted for collaborative editing via Pages, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs.

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Collaborate remotely with Pages, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. When you have a final design, upload it to and choose your distribution method! You can either order in bulk and get an auto-applied discount, or you can share your book via a URL and allow users to purchase and ship all through our site.

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Yearbook Sales

Learn more about how you can sell and distrubute your yearbooks through Presto Yearbooks.

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Yearbook Collaboration

Working remotely is more important than ever. Find out how to use your preferred document editor to co-author designs in real time.

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Collaborative Templates

Yearbook design is made easy via templates formatted for remote editing via Pages, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. Work from multiple devices, in multiple locations all at once on a single master document.

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