Book Binding Specifications

For a complete list of available book sizes, binding styles and technical information, see the Product Catalog.


We have two software options: the Yearbook Designer or use the PDF Wizard with Photo Book Software.


We offer a variety of binding types. Softbound covers are full color, laminated 100# Ultra Gloss Cover Stock, Digital Color Silk - C2S, 90 bright. Quick bound hard covers are made with high quality .088" binder's board. They have plain white head and foot bands and 80# stock black end sheets. Premium bound hard cover books also feature black end sheets. Soft cover and imagewrapped hardcover books offer spine text. Books with material covers or wire-o binding do not offer spine text.

Interior Paper

All interior pages are printed as two-sided (just like a novel). Each side of a piece of paper is a page. The 9x7 and 8.5x11 softcover books also offer a single-sided print option for a modest price increase. This option is available during the checkout process for these books.

The cover paper for all of our softcover and imagewrap hardcover books features full color, laminated 100# Ultra Gloss Cover Stock.

We currently offer four kinds of interior paper.

Premium Printing

100# Text (146gsm) Futura Premium
Our premium products produced using 100# text Futura on a HP Indigo. As the Indigo is an ink based process, it provides a richer appearance for photographic printing. It also uses a heavier paper, and produces a thicker book. Since our premium print process is ink based, it naturally has more of a sheen that toner and provides a smoother finish.

Express Printing Photo Silk

80# Text Xerox Digital Silk
Our Express photo silk products are produced using 80# text coated Xerox Digital Silk paper (like a gloss but not glossy) and are produced with a Xerox iGen, a toner based device. The digital silk paper is not the slick shiny gloss like you see in magazines. It provides a protective coating on the paper. The blacks stand out and the images crisp, but it won't be slick. Technical specs of the paper are Digital Color Silk - C2S, 90 bright.

Express Printing Photo Satin

80# Text Xerox Digital Satin
Our Express photo satin products are produced use a matte paper that is ideal for those that are cost conscious. A good looking image at a great price, this choice is often selected for bulk purchases.

Heavy Stock Gloss

120# Cover Stock (218gsm) Coated Gloss Stock
Unique to the 14x11 portfolio book, this product uses a true coated paper, and has a higher sheen, which you may or may not like. This product is most popular with architects, artwork, and similar presentations.

We would recommend you order a small test to find out your preference.

All paper is acid-free.

NOTE: The term 'text' refers to interior paper, and 'cover' refers to cover stock. So 100# cover stock is not the same thickness as 100# text stock!

How do you count pages in your books?

Each side of a piece of paper is a page — just like in a novel. * 1 sheet of paper has *two* pages. Just like a novel, each side of a piece of paper is a page. Divide max pages above by 2 to get max sheets of paper.

Will you send me a sample?

We don't typically send out samples because our books are so inexpensive. Most creators just upload about 10 images and print a "proof" book so they have their own images to evaluate. Most photographers who plan to use our products as part of their product offering need to see their own images in print because of the differences in texture between an image on the screen and the printed image. The printed image will always be flatter than what you see on the screen. We actually tested an image on a PC that had 2 monitors installed and the image looked different on each monitor (side by side) so a little tweaking will be necessary. We do recommend the Premium Printing photo printing for photographers simply because it will enhance the look of the printed image.

A few notes for all sizes:
  • Books with over 240 pages add stress to the spine, therefore we recommend no more than 240 pages if your book will be handled frequently.
  • Imagewrap hardbacks require a minimum of 24 interior pages and a max of 160.
  • Soft cover books require at least 20 interior pages to perfect bind. Less than 20 pages and the book will be saddle stitched. Saddle stitched books do not have laminated covers.
  • We place a discreet ghosted logo on the back cover - you can select the logo placement when you build your cover. You can have the logo removed for a small fee.
  • Yes, we can bind books up to 700 pages. However, for books bound with more than 250 pages we don't guarantee the binding. When you get over 250 pages you risk the binding cracking after use.