Private School Yearbooks

Create Private School Yearbooks online using Presto Yearbooks! With a wide variety of books sizes and paper options, you can find the perfect balance between material, cost, and quality.

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Yearbooks without contracts and minimums? It’s possible with Presto!

Bulk Ordering

Private Schools are all different in size, save big when you order just five or more copies of the same book.

Stack of Yearbooks

Save big with Bulk Orders. Discounts start at just 5 copies!

Quantity Discount
5-9 5%
10-99 10%
100-499 15%
500+ Contact Us

Turn Around Time

Bulk orders for Hardcover books is 5-10 Business days, while Softcover is 4-7.


Approving a Proof

To ensure your yearbook is exactly as wanted, we will send a single proof for approval for large bulk orders.

Private School Yearbook Templates

If a proof is waved we will not be able to print re-orders due to PDF quality concerns. Please see PDF Specs to ensure your book is print ready.

Self-Serve Ordering

Perfect for smaller private schools - post a password protected sales page for your yearbook and allow students and parents alike to order books shipped directly to them.

Self Publish Print Books

Easily Shared

Send out a URL to your entire School for on-demand ordering.


Password Protected

Add a layer of privacy with a password protected book sale page.


Hassle-Free Replacement

With on-demand self-serve private school alumni can come back later and re-order at any time.


Get Comission

Make comission on every order once your book is published and up for sale.

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