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Our 8”x10” is a customer favorite, offering so many options and styles. This is the perfect size for an adoption profile, family yearbook, or self publishing, there are just so many possibilities with this classic shape and size!

Looking for a Landscape book? See our Landscape 10"x8" book. To avoid confusion, we specify all our books in WIDTH x HEIGHT.


8x10 Saddle Stitch Softcover Yearbook
Saddle Stitch Softcover Yearbook
8x10 Softcover Yearbook
Imagewrap Softcover Yearbook
8x10 Hardcover Yearbook
Imagewrap Hardcover Yearbook
Pricing Starting at $10.39 Starting at $9.99 Starting at $20.99
Page Count 4 to 100 13 to 500 13 to 500
Final Dimensions 8"x10" 8"x10" 8"x10"
Upload Dimensions 8.25"x10.25" 8.25"x10.25" 8.25"x10.25"
Paper Type
Production Time 4-7 business days 4-7 business days 5-10 business days
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