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About Our Layflat Yearbooks

Our Layflat Hardcovers allow your books to reach their full potential. We offer 2 different Layflat variations, our Hinged Layflats and our Seamless Layflats. Create beautiful 2-page spreads that flow across the pages without worrying about losing anything in the gutter!

HingedMultiple Sizes!

Hinged Layflat Photo Books

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SeamlessMultiple Sizes!

Seamless Layflat Photo Books

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Regular Book Spine


The photo book standard.

Our standard binding is reliable and sturdy, however it is not ideal for projects that utilize 2-page spreads. Content intended to spread over two pages can be lost in the gutter (ie. center) of the book.

Hinged Layflat Spine

Hinged Layflat

A happy mixture of quality and cost friendly!

Our Hinged products offer a wonderful and affordable Layflat option to our customers. Images spread across 2 pages with a slight "gap" in the middle, however there is no loss of image.

Seamless Layflat Spine

Seamless Layflat

The professionals favorite!

Seamless layflats are sleek and the ideal product for customers working heavily with 2-page spreads. These products are a bit more pricey, however they provide a "seamless" spread that professionals love!