Seamless Layflat Yearbooks

Seamless Layflat Yearbooks

About Our Seamless Layflat Yearbooks

Our Seamless Layflat Hardcovers allow your books to reach their full potential. Create beautiful 2-page spreads that flow across the pages without worrying about losing anything in the gutter!

What is a Seamless Layflat Yearbook?

A seamless layflat yearbook is a book printed in a specific way to prevent the page curl you see with most commercially bound books. This page curl is more evident for books with less pages, and makes it hard to see images and text closer to the gutter (the interior of the book where the pages meet and fold).

How flat does a Layflat Yearbook get?

Layflat Yearbook Side View

See for yourself. We print on Lustre 450 photo paper for our seamless layflats, and it's impressive to see in person. Somewhere in-between a matte and glossy finish, it's extra thick and sturdy. It's bound together using an all new process that allows for the interior gutter of the photo book to lay completely flat, no matter what page you're turned to. All of this together creates an amazing photo book experience for all kinds of projects:

  • High End School Yearbooks
  • Year in Review Books
  • Corporate Printing

Sizes Available

Below are all of the sizes we currently offer for our seamless layflat yearbooks:

8”x8” Yearbook

8x8 Layflat Yearbook

Details and Pricing

12"X12"" Yearbook

12x12 Layflat Yearbook

Details and Pricing

11"x8.5" Yearbook

11x8.5 Layflat Yearbook

Details and Pricing

14"x11” Yearbook

14x11 Layflat Yearbook

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Layflat Yearbooks with flaps printed in Interior Cover

Interior Flap Printing for Layflat Yearbooks

Now in for our Layflat Yearbooks, print your interior dust jacket flaps straight onto the interior of the book. We think this is just Flap-tastic! Just order a Aperture book as a seamless layflat photo book with dust jacket flaps in your PDF file, and we will apply this new feature automatically for you.