Get a FREE Proof Copy of Your Yearbook

You want your yearbook on time, but you also want it to be error free. To motivate you to complete your yearbook in time, we are offering a FREE proof copy to anyone with an order of 20 copies or more of their yearbook before May 12th. There's no coupon needed, but you will need to allow extra time for the proof to be delivered. Once you receive it, review it carefully, make any changes you need and let us know when you are ready for us to ship your order!


How to get your FREE Proof Copy:

  • Upload your completed PDF OR create your yearbook using our Book Designer.
  • Place your order of 20 or more copies before May 12th.
  • Receive and review your FREE proof copy to ensure that your yearbook matches your vision!

US Domestic orders only. Offer subject to change without notice.